Matt Bamberger

4616 25th Ave NE, #771
Seattle WA 98105

Intelligent Artifice 2006 -
Intelligent Artifice is my (mostly) solo company. Although I do all of the heavy lifting, I sometimes bring in specialists for specific projects. I'm currently focused on developing personal productivity applications for the iPhone. In the past, I've also done research on AI, with a focus on multi-purpose pattern recognition.

Valve Software 2001 - 2006
Development manager, Steam
I was the development manager for the Steam team. Steam's a massive (1 million peak concurrent users) online gaming service that allows users to buy and update games, as well as providing a host of other services such as in-game instant messaging and cheat prevention. In addition to presenting some very interesting technical challenges, Steam was a market leader in an emerging market, so my job involved solving a lot of fundamental business and product design problems.

Before working on Steam, I worked as a contractor developing systems for preventing cheating and piracy in our online games. I created the original Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC).

Retirement 2000 - 2001
After leaving Microsoft, I briefly experimented with being retired. It turns out that retirement is something I'm not very good at.

Microsoft 1988 - 2000
Software Design Engineer, XBox
Before leaving Microsoft, I spent a few months working on the XBox game console before it was officially called XBox.

Development manager, Simulation Games
I was the development manager for the Simulation Games group at Microsoft, shipping Flight Simulator 2000 and Combat Flight Simulator 1 as well as a number of smaller titles. The Sims development team consisted of four separate product teams with a total of about 35 developers.

Development manager, Charting Product Unit
When the Charting team split off from the core Excel development team, I became the development manager for the Charting Product Unit. We produced a charting engine that shipped both as a core part of Excel and as an embeddable component with Word and Powerpoint. During my tenure Charting grew to about ten developers and shipped with Excel 95 and 97.

Development lead, Excel Product Unit
I was the development lead for the charting team on Excel for the Excel 5.0 release.

Software Design Engineer, Excel Product Unit
I worked as a developer on the Excel charting team, shipping Excel 3.0 and 4.0.

Software Design Engineer, Learning Systems Development
I started at Microsoft as a developer on the Help team. I wrote the text engine for the Excel 2.2 Help system and for the Windows 3.0 Help system. In addition to shipping with several versions of Windows, the Windows 3 Help system was the foundation for many of Microsoft's early multimedia products.