Matt Bamberger

I spend my time telling computers what to do. Sometimes they listen.

Past projects

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty interesting projects:


I was on the Excel team from Excel 2 through Excel 97. I worked mostly on charting and was development manager for charting when it split off into a separate product unit.

I was the development manager of the Simulation Games group for a few years (Combat Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator 2000, etc.) and worked briefly on the XBox team.


I created the original Valve Anti-Cheat system and ran the Steam team for a few years.

Singularity and transhumanism

I was pretty active in the singularity and transhumanism communities during the late 2000s. I’d like to point out that I was among the first to welcome our merciless robot overlords.


I wrote iPhone apps early in the mobile era, producing Cash Tracker (an uninteresting but commercially successful finance app) and Goal Master (an interesting but commercially unsuccessful goal manager).


The world is full of interesting little niches. I’ve found a nicely leveraged role that lets me use software to do things that matter. One day, I’ll probably add (very brief) details about it to this list.


I went to high school at Georgetown Day School in DC and studied physics at U Chicago (although I spent most of my time in the astronomy department).

My Facebook profile still exists, although I no longer find Facebook to be a good use of my time.

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